‘A spectacular vintage’ were the words of João Portugal Ramos, time will tell, but it promises to surpass 2011 and just pip it to vintage of the decade. Thanks largely to the impacts of climate change and previous low volume vintages; the yield was bigger than previous years, driving up demand.

There was less rainfall overall, long intense heatwaves in July & August led to the challenge of drought, which can produce great wines, but is a very difficult balancing act requiring irrigation and avoiding too intense heat. Rainfall in mid-September elongated the harvest and gave an extra boost to an already promising vintage.

These wines will stand the test of time and provide excellent value for money; both the drink-young and the premium offerings.

A selection of our award winners from the 2019 vintage:

Quinta do Casal Branco, TejoTerra de LobosI.G.P TejoWhiteBEST BUY Wine Enthusiast
João Portugal Ramos Vinhos, AlentejoMonte CãoD.O.C AlentejoRedGOLD Berliner WT 2020, SILVER Mondus Vivi 2020
João Portugal Ramos Vinhos, AlentejoJPR AlvarinhoD.O.C Vinho VerdeWhiteBEST IN SHOW & GOLD Mondus Vini 2020, GOLD Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2020, GOLD Berliner WT 2020
Dourum JPR, Douro‘Tons’ de DuorumD.O.C DouroWhiteGOLD Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2020
Colinas do Douro, Sociedade AgricolaSeixo AmareloD.O.C DouroWhite90pts Wine Enthusiast
HGA Bodegas, Viñas de Altura, DO Rías BaixasPazo de Villarei, AlbariñoD.O Rías BaixasWhiteBronze Decanter 2021