A challenging vintage in both yield and balance, climate change has begun to take effect and of course the global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the industry. Until February, there was nothing exceptional to report, the weather was in line with a normal year. February saw temperatures 2 degrees higher than the 30-year average, prompting bud-burst & flowering 3 & 2 weeks early respectively. This heat was seen throughout the year, with 11 of 12 months higher than the 30 year average. Heatwaves in June, August & September led to the warmest Summer on record.

The negative impact of this is smaller yields, on a positive note concentration and flavours are intensified, which rich dark berry notes in the reds and stone fruit in our whites. Solutions can be found with vineyard management techniques and varietal variation, but the signs are that this will be the new normal, with naturally lower yield, more versatile varieties being planted and D.O regulations being reviewed to ensure producers can adapt to our changing world.